How to Choose a Good Physiotherapy Clinic in Dubai?

If you are looking for a good physiotherapy clinic in Dubai, we may have all the convenient options that you are looking for in an ideal physiotherapy clinic.

Convenient Hours
Our clinic timings are from morning 8 am to evening 8 pm. Our priority is putting patient’s convenience first which indicates a good sign that you’ll be receiving appropriate treatment. By offering patient’s early morning and evening appointments, we cater to patient’s who require treatment urgently but do not have the flexibility to make an appointment during work hours. In addition to convenience, we provide quality care which also requires time – some clinics see patients in 15-minute blocks. Our physiotherapists complete 1-hour of initial evaluation, followed by 40 minutes of follow up sessions.

Private Treatment Rooms

At Pure we have individual treatment rooms that ensures privacy of the patient, which increases the comfort level of patient when working with their physiotherapist. Patient can freely discuss their condition and ask questions without the fear of being overheard.

Therapist’s design home exercise protocol specific to patient’s condition, which the patient can learn in privacy, without feeling conscious. While private rooms are not standard at all clinics, they are available at Pure.

Registered Physiotherapists

There are facilities that market themselves as offering physio (i.e. recovery exercises). However, that is not the same as being treated by a registered physiotherapist. Before you begin any type of treatment it’s important to have a complete evaluation by a DHA licensed physiotherapist. This will prevent misdiagnosis and speed up your recovery. All the physiotherapists at Pure are DHA licensed and hold a Master’s degree from acclaimed universities India/Abroad, practice manual therapy that involves more hands on approach, than just machines.

One-on-One Ratio
Every appointment at Pure European and Chiropractic and Physiotherapy clinic is scheduled in a manner a every patient receives exclusive attention of physiotherapist. Some clinics book multiple patients in a single time slot with one physiotherapist. In this scenario, the therapist is not able to give focused attention to the patient.At Pure, every patient is scheduled in well-spaced time slots that enables them to have the full attention of therapist.

If you would like to book an appointment with our physiotherapist, please call us from the info provided at the Contact Us page.

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